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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Suspend Belief

Just the facts. That's what we often rely upon. We trust the facts, the intelligence, the "truth" as it is presented and dished up by various news media (FOX news MSNBC), or recognized authority figures in whatever areas in which we are concerned. Just the facts. But of course there are limitations to "facts"presented as truths and there are other perspectives, information, or contexts of understanding which often alter "facts." Hidden agendas often lurk behind or within truths and facts presented to us.

Some believe in only one authority or source of "truth" and knowledge. There is only one "right" way to see things, or follow, these folks believe. But life is more complicated than this. "My way or the highway" or what my "group" believes thinking leaves one on a limited and limiting road or pathway . Practicing critical thinking, evaluating all perspectives and sides of an issue is more compatible with the ways of nature and life itself. It requires one to ask questions; be more actively engaged in determining what is "real" or "true."

Is rational thought the only way to evaluate? The wisdom of one's feeling, the body, the intuition all have information to contribute if we but learn to practice the suspension of belief as an alternative to our devotion to "truth" dished out by various news media and authorities. Some years ago one could often encounter stickers on the back of cars that can still lead the way. "Question Authority" became an important admonition. Find your own truth. Suspend belief. Active engagement in sorting out and seeking truth as a way of being is a choice. Make the choice to suspend belief and determine what is true for yourself today.

 Insight and imagination are within you. 

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