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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Journey
Have you ever gone tubing? The Esophus Creek  in Upstate New York may provide an adventurous experience during seasons when the water is high. One smashes over rocks and across small dams on tubes fitted with wooden platform seats...going with the flow is about all one can do when tubing...the stream itself is in charge and defines the ride, so  attempting to "take control" of the process is futile. Taking carge is actually acknowledging that the stream itself is in charge. Going with the flow is the only way to take the ride. The journey through times of financial and personal crises are more than a bit similar to a shifting and sometimes wild ride on a swollen creek. The process can't really be managed more than to flow with the current and hang onto the innertube. Look around you..you are not alone on the ride. Eventually the currents shift and you are in quiet waters once again. You can't manage that aspect of the journey either, if you are aware. You can learn alot about the process if you pay attention to it, respect and appreciate what it is teaching you and where it is leading you.
Insight and imagination are within you as you take the journey.
11:31 pm est 

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Give yourself the gift of possibility. Live where the risk is!