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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Open Door
One door closes, and another opens, it is said. Its a challenge,though, to believe that when  something which has come to mean a great deal to us begins to disappear. At these challenging times we so often experience fear, disappointment, and sometimes anxiety as something or someone who has been so much a part of our life, our past, and our meaning, appears to leave. No wonder we experience fear of abandonment at these times.
How do we "go on" in spite of the seeming loss and the emptiness that no doubt enters our mind, our feelings, and our heart at these door closing times?  How do we trust that something or someone will really come to "fill the void" left by the loss of the long-held job, the solid "forever" friendship, or the seemingly constant presence of a faithful, loving pet?
The next door so promised -- the opening door-- may not be in sight or even imaginable during the heartbreaking time of loss.  In truth,there is often a period of time during which we surely seem to be stumbling in the dark, perhaps looking for a lightswitch to illuminate the space in which we move. We may not truly feel like moving at all during this time, even toward a lightswitch . But it is not in the nature of life itself to hold still, to stay in the dark, or to isolate forever. We can know and trust and abide in that.
Sooner or later, a ray of light breaks in, regardless of how we feel. Sooner or later, we are found out or sought out by life itself. Some new possibility arises and breaks through as sunlight on a wooden floor. Looking up we may see a door opening. It only takes the willingness to open your eyes and see the light entering perhaps in quiet, glistening, soft patterns across the floor, across your broken spirit, and then in that moment, you, like a plant, have the possibility of  turning toward the light and heading in the direction of it. The door will open...you see it with your heart. We lead with our hearts. Sooner or later, light finds us and draws us toward it. The possibility is there. Just lift your eyes to see it. 
Insight and imagination are within you.
5:36 pm edt 

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mary Baker Eddy
Christian Science philosophy was first written about and  practiced by Mary Baker Eddy in her writings as well as  the various publications she established, including the internationally recognized, Christian Science Moniter.  Eddy's book on Science and Health conveys her belief that human lives are intimately connected to "divine mind."   We are as intimately connected to "god", Mary Baker Eddy believes, as rays of light are connected to the sun, or as close as drops of water are connected to the ocean.
How close this must be. Allow yourself to experience this close connection in feeling as well as in thought. Bring yourself into the awareness. The practice of this spiritual "science" is a daily invitation and opportunity to grow and develop a deeper appreciation for all of life.
Insight and imagination are within you.
2:12 pm edt 

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Peace of Mind
The mind is a busy place. Its always moving/jumping around from one thought, fear or notion to another. We could never keep up with it, were we to watch it on a screen. Somehow we process and produce regardless of all of this activity. Buddhists call this busy mind, "monkey mind" for all the leaping and swinging from one subject to another that it does. Given the activity going on in the mind, it really is a miracle to actually and in fact discover "peace of mind."
Watching the activity of the mind as it jumps and swings from one notion to another is the beginning. We become more familiar with our mind's activity as well as its preferences and involvments by just watching/observing its process. There is really no need to control or try to contain the activity of the mind. We can just observe the mind and let it be where it wants to go, like a small child experiencing an open field of flowers for the first time.
The mind runs from one flower to another, or, unfortunately, from one pile of dog poop to another. The mind is a mine field for blessings and happiness or for frustration and agitation, based on habits of attention we have established and built up for years. Experience has been our teacher,and as a result of our experiences we focus on and choose where the mind will go as it sorts, sifts, and reviews everything in the field of consciousness.
Watching the mind, and letting it wander or race long without judging or interferring with its activity brings out our observer, like a gentle watchful parent, just to see where this child-mind is racing along to. As we cultivate the observer we learn patience and tolerance for ourselves, and we free ourselves from reacting to the mind's observations and concerns. We learn, in the process, to create some breathing space for our busy mind. We learn to take care of ourselves and develop some appreciation and perhaps even humor about what is going on in our mind. We journey, in the process, toward "peace of mind," and a more mature understanding of our basic nature, which is within us rather than in external events which capture our attention by their developments, busy-ness and activity.
So slow down...take a deep breath...relax your shoulders...allow the observer to come forth and gently watch and consider what is going on.  Breathe!
Insight and imagination are within you. 
4:58 pm edt 

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