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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Anthroposophic Insights
Rudof Steiner's thought and writings as well as his teachings founded and established anthroposophy as an important area of spiritual knowledge and understanding. From Steiner's writings come Biodynamic Farming and Gardening, Rhythmical Massage, Waldorf Schools, as well as many studies in the areas of artistic drawing and movement, such as Eurythmy. Steiner's many works have great implications for how one views the world and all of life and schools devoted to his insights and understandings are prolific. Steiner believed and felt that spirituality was and is not "other-worldly" but present in the tangible, physical world in which we live. To believe that the divine could not be present in the physical world was not possible, Steiner held, and so respect for the physical world and recognition that the divine is at work and present in it is essential to our spiritual practice and development. How could it be otherwise?
Insight and imagination are truly within you.
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Give yourself the gift of possibility. Live where the risk is!