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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Following Your Star
Wise teachers, and guides do not ask that we follow them, but they put us in touch with our own inner spirit and guidance. As one wise teacher said, "Don't follow me, for I will flap my wings and be gone. Follow your own higher truths."
We can admire the stars and see each brightly shining, attracting our attention and perhaps holding it. We may even follow and marvel at the brightness and the radiance from it, but it is our own star we must follow. Our own truths and visions must guide and become the compass for our lives. Look within for the vision you most fully must live. Your joy and purpose lie therein. Follow your own star.
Insight and imagination are within you.
9:51 pm edt 

Monday, May 30, 2005

What is it that horse whisperers...dog whisperers...pet psychics and those who work with other species know that the common person doesn't know? Why did so many species of animals survive the tsunami when humans were caught up in it? How do we learn how to learn from other species?
We often speak so much we rarely listen. We speak loudly often in order to make ourselves heard.. We hear ourselves speak more than those we speak to. We are a speaking species.
So many other species are listeners. They hear more keenly than we. They hear at such extremes of pitch and vibration that we do not seek or try to comprehend. They listen and hear far beyond our ability.
A whisperer knows and respects that we do not hear as keenly as other species. A whisperer respects and understands that she/he is a student and the other is the teacher when it comes to listening and hearing. A whisperer does not take up so much space and opens her/his ears to learn rather than to proclaim and direct. A whisperer listens in a way which allows the other to speak through movement, through gesture and eyes. A whisperer deeply respects and appreciates the other. A whisperer senses vibrational movement at as many levels as possible. A whisperer is always developing his/her ability to listen.
Insight and imagination are within you.
3:11 pm edt 

Friday, May 27, 2005

Stop and Smell the Roses
The Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia includes a large and wonderful rose garden as its centerpiece. The rose garden is down a flight of stone steps and is surrounded on two sides with high walls. The walls are stones carefully laid one upon the other, and between the stones small flowers and plants grow and bloom.
Within the rose garden there is a fountain, a rose itself, flowing with water during the warmer seasons. The Arboretum welcomes Spring with a bounty of blossoming trees. It is a place of beauty.
Every color and kind of rose is included in the garden. Small wooden benches are placed at various points so one can sit, rest and stop to smell the roses. It is a time to savor and enjoy fragrance, color, the breezes and a moment away from it all.
Is there a rose garden in your day today? Can you take some time away and enjoy a moment? Find a bench and a space to experience some beauty. Insight and imagination are within you.
8:20 am edt 

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Color Me Beautiful
Remember the old Color Me Beautiful books in which complexions and hair, eye, and skin colors determined that one was aparticular season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter)? One's seasonal type dictated the wardrobe, makeup and other colors one was believed to look best wearing.
Color Me Beautiful was all about external appearance. Rather than beauty coming from within, it was enhanced from the outside. Well, the books sold very well and so did the concept, for many years.
Like all external and superficial systems, however, the popularity of the system and the books faded, and now they seem quaint and kitch.
We wonder what colors our auras are now. We are still entranced and fascinated by color, and we strive to understand and appreciate whatever color to which we our selves seem most responsive.
We are not one season, though. We are not one or two colors. We are a range and rainbow of many colors which comes from within if we but acknowledge and "own" that. Through our consciousness we select and tune into the colors which most reflect our moods and states of awareness at a given moment. We could easily shift and alter our state of consciousness so that another set of colors was present.
Color me beautiful or Beautiful colors. We are one or the other from either the outside or from the inside. Insight and imagination are within you.
11:25 am edt 

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Never Too Late
Forgiveness is something that can never come too soon or too late.
You can never have enough of it.
Forgiveness is the gift that keeps on giving. When you care enough to give the very best, give forgiveness.
Forgive yourself. Forgive others.
Forgive yourself for not giving forgiveness. Forgiveness releases you and others from restricted, confining constraints.
Forgiveness lets you breathe easier.
Forgiveness removes the weight from your shoulders and makes you younger.
You owe it to yourself to give yourself the gifts of forgiveness. Give forgiveness. Sooner or later you will get it.
Insight and imagination are alive and well within you.
8:59 am edt 

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Sea
Late one afternoon near Santa Cruz, California we walked along the beach with friends. The sun was just beginning to set and brilliant rose and orange colors illuminated low white clouds close to the sea. The scene was reminiscent of  picture postcards and we suggested  it looked the perfect time for dolphins to begin to leap and play in the glistening golden waters. It was 5 o'clock.
Amazing. They must have felt or heard our thoughts and words. There were at least five or six of them, and they lept high and joyfully out of the water following one another along the shore for some distance. We ran along the sandy beach joining them (as best we could) in the dance, our eyes on them; theirs perhaps on us.
For only a moment or two we shared with them in a celebration of sunlight, a Summer's day, and the playfulness and joy of life.
One moment at the sea can change a life. One moment of synchronicity which is not coincidence, but beauty incarnate.
Life reaches out to us...so
join us for a walk along the beach...bring your openness.
Insight and imagination are within you.
11:01 am edt 

Monday, May 23, 2005

A Gentle Touch
The touch of one's hand, one's voice, and one's words reveals the quality and essence of one's being. A gentle touch unique to each being conveys the deepest resources of love and beauty more surely than any other means. A touch conveys contact with reality and what lies beneath it.
Encountering the creations of visual artists we experience their touch expressed in lines, in color and composion. Listening to an orchestra we feel the touch of each individual member as well as the conductor joined in unison together to produce an experience beyond comprehension if we allow ourselves to open to it. Sound and sight touch and may move us toward greater depths,  understandings of and appreciation for life.
The touch of another, whether a friend, a lover, a companion animal, or a poet conveying and expressing experience and sensation informs us and enlightens us. A gentle touch brings one back to life and its source. Touch in to life.
Insight and imagination are within you.
8:34 am edt 

Saturday, May 21, 2005

In Buddhist teaching those who are always grasping and seeking are known as "hungry ghosts." There is nothing which will satisfy and relieve the deep neediness of these beings who pull from others as much as they can to meet and in hopes they will thereby fill their emptiness. It is a futile search leading to only more grasping.
We are filled from within. It is an "inside job," and though we may have little recognition and appreciation for the resources we contain, we learn to fill our own cup from the well deep within or we travel to the realm of the "hungry ghosts."
Begin to recognize your own patterns. There is no need to criticize or berate yourself for feeling needs. Simply acknowledge that they are there, and take good care of those needs from your own awareness. The journey from grasping turns toward depths of awareness of which you may have only skimmed the surface. Venture inward.
Insight and imagination are within you.
7:37 am edt 

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Need for Roots
French philosopher and teacher Simone Weil wrote her thoughts on education in her various notebooks and in a long essay/book entitled, The Need For Roots. In this work Weil points to the critical need of the human soul and being for social, cultural and spiritual roots which ground and nurture one.
Weil was , in her time, writing a proposal for helping to assure that the youths of war torn France would not in future years be vulnerable to what she called the "false greatness" such as that the Nazi party and Adolph Hitler represented. Sustained and rooted in one's own values and sense of appreciation for what is deep and lasting, one would not be swept into false and devious fashions, Simone Weil believed.
From our own roots we, like plants, take in nourishment and we hold fast to the earth and we reach toward the sky. We grow from our roots, and so we may also learn from them when we reconnect with them.
Consider your sources of nourishment. Recognize what gives you strength and meaning. Allow a moment from time to time to appreciate and acknowledge the contribution to your life your own roots make.
Insight and imagination are within you.
11:19 pm edt 

Monday, May 16, 2005

Soil nurtures life and supports its existence. Unfortunately, we too often overlook the richness and value of good soil. We dismiss it as "dirt." Soil contains so many elements which can make life possible. Soil is like air: it is everywhere and we simply too often take it for granted.
Soil is actually a life support system. It helps to provide food for plants and animals. It has a life of its own. Those who garden and farm know and value the wealth of riches contained in good soil.
We ourselves are like soil. We may dismiss abilities and talents in ourselves which also contain features which can support and make life possible. We also may dismiss our own wisdom and expertise, and too often treat them like "dirt" rather than a rich dark soil capable of wonderful life-sustaining elements.
What are you cultivating in your life and soil? Insight and imagination are always with and in you.
11:19 pm edt 

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Make a Difference
A smile is a powerful gift which, if given freely, can make a difference in someone's day. A smile activates endorphins in our system and makes one feel better, even if there is no seeming reason to feel happy. Giving a smile costs nothing, but the smile that one gives changes the world when it is received. A smile has staying power. 
Whether you receive a smile back or not, you are acknowledging another as a valuable and important being deserving of appreciation. A smile is a touch of kindness. It is an expression of positive regard. A smile can make all the difference in another's mood, in one's work and in a day. At a funeral service the other day, the one who passed was remembered as "the man with the smile." What a wonderful way to be remembered.
Make a difference. Smile.
Insight and imagination are within you.
4:17 pm edt 

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wonder Full Days
Life is a truly a wonder full journey. The wonder of life itself sustains those who follow and study biology, physics, astronomy, oceonography and all of the other life and earth sciences. Science brings our awareness to the complexities and multitudes of worlds below the seas, beyond the skies, within our bodies, and minds. The wonder of life is even more wonder full than we realize, as we take up the lens provided by each branch of science. Life is wonder full when we look closely, respectfully, gratefully.
Gratitude and wonder are closely aligned. The more grateful we are, the more wonder fullness we can see and appreciate. The more wonder full we know everything, including ourselves, is, the more grateful we are.
"I am waiting for a rebirth of wonder," wrote poet Lawrence Ferlenghetti. Born in wonder, we can regain that sense by taking a moment to appreciate "what is going on."
Have a wonder full day! Insight and imagination are within you.
7:56 am edt 

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wisdom of the Elders
Many cultures revere and respect the wisdom of their elder members. The elders carry the memory and tradition of the community deep within their lives and souls. They are living treasures and teachers of survival and connection to those who have gone before them. The elders become the wisdom we ourselves gain. We see their light, their journey, their truths and know that we carry all within our own lives as they pass  the future on to us.
We breathe the same air the elders breathed. We see the same sky, the same sun, the same stars and moon they gazed upon. They smile down upon us from each in its own time. We are touched by the light they were once touched by--the light that lit their pathways lights our own.
The wisdom of the elders is within the heart of life, not for its own sake, but for our sake and for the sake of all life.
Insight and imagination are within you.
8:13 pm edt 

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Quality of Life
The book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance had something of a cult following back in the 60's. Quality was a theme and near obsession for the narrator of that book. Quality became the goal and quality the reward.
 What is the quality of your life? What do you do to experience quality in your days? What is the quality of your moments?
Cultivating a sense of and appreciation for every moment and recognizing and acknowledging the wealth of riches each moment holds is your opportunity. Thich Nhat Han, Buddhist teacher and master, says "the universe is filled with diamonds. Here, I bring some to you." Each diamond moment holds abundant treasure and riches if you awaken to it.
Thich Nhah Han awakens us to an appreciation for the gifts of life and breath: beauty, awareness, and the ability to touch into them.  Can you allow your recognition and your intention to lead you there? He also suggests we learn to smile in spite of what is going on, and he knows that smiling is not easy. Why should we smile?  In smiling we create an opening for our own possibility for change. We change our quality of life.  It is not easy, he knows, but he invites us to smile.
Insight and imagination are within you.
7:57 am edt 

Monday, May 9, 2005

Know When
Knowing when you have exhausted every resource and possibility to change something or someone is a life lesson and invitation to "let go and let God." Understanding that you do not have to "fix" a person or a set of circumstances acknowledges that there is more at work in those circumstances than you may be able to see or control. Letting go is allowing even difficult circumstances to work with and from their own resources and in their own ways. You may, in the process, learn something, and see strengths and abilities you had not previously seen while intervening with your "help".
Knowing when to accept that you have no control and cannot manage a situation is not a matter of defeat; rather, it is an allowance and invitation to respect your limits and those of the situation. Like a stream which is blocked by fallen trees, time moves the barriers aside with the constant flow of time and change. Trusting the stream and the flow of nature allows you to recognize that the cornerstone of life is trust in the process of change and life itself. Let it flow. Don't try to remove all the barriers you see. Barriers challenge but also bring opportunities for development and growth. Know when to let the stream take care of its own clearing.
Insight and imagination are within you.
7:56 am edt 

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing
How often have you made a mountain of a molehill? How much energy have you spent venting about something which is really not all that important? How much of a "big deal" was it really? What could you have done with all the energy and time you spent on that mountain?
Hindsight generally gives us the wisdom we could have benefitted from when we were caught up in a difficult situation. How many times have you wished you had said something you only thought of after the situation had passed? How many times have you said something you regretted and wished you could take back? Were you making a big ado about nothing?
Remember the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff books? The p.s. on those books was "its all small stuff." Next time you find yourself enraged, defensive, talking loud and long ask yourself if you really want to use all that energy venting and making a bigger than ever mountain. Ask yourself if its really not a molehill you are working on and reconsider your investment. Ask yourself what's really going on, and take good care of your own feelings and responses before you react and head up that mountain slope.
Insight and imagination are within you.
8:59 am edt 

Monday, May 2, 2005

Take It From the Top
High above the hills in Hong Kong there is a beautiful spot called Victoria Peak. At night in the Summer you can sit at an outdoor cafe and enjoy coffee or dessert and watch the lights from the Floating Restaurant and the thousands of small boats as they twinkle in the harbor and early evening twilight. It is a serene and peaceful view. 
What a busy place Hong Kong is. From Victoria Peak you can see movement from every part of the Bay, but with the background of the still quiet night sky the busy ness seems gentle and still as the moon and starlight shines down upon the water.
Take a moment to change your vantage point. View whatever your situation is from the top of a peak like Victoria. Have a cup of coffee or tea and take in the view. Allow yourself to find the elements you have been missing while caught up in the situation.
Take it from the top. Insight and imagination are within you.
2:05 pm edt 

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